Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner

R 259.00

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Mieke magnetic eyeliner has been formulated for extreme hold, ensuring your lashes will remain in place for as long as you need them to. Our eyeliner won't smudge with rain, sweat or tears so you can rest assured it will last all day and night, no matter the weather or the workout. Completely safe to use and easily removed with our cleansing oil.

• Colour: Black
• Consistency: Liquid
• Property: Waterproof

Mieke Expert Tip:
Whilst some of you are liquid liner pros…here’s a tip for the rest of us mere mortals. Smudge a dark shade of eyeshadow along your lash line before applying your eyeliner. That way an imperfect liner line will blend in, rather than stand out. 

Mieke magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner work together to create the magnetic bond that ensures your lashes remain in place all day (and night). Tiny magnets on the lash band adhere to the magnetic eyeliner, which contains iron ore particles, giving it its magnetic quality.