Lash Supreme Eyelash Kit

R 1,775.00

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All our magnetic lash styles rolled into one! A lash for every day of the week and every occasion. 

Lash Supreme Kit Includes: 

• Trend Setter Magnetic Eyelashes (6-9mm)
• Queen Maker Magnetic Eyelashes (7-11mm)
• Rule Breaker Magnetic Eyelashes (7-14mm)
• Show Stopper Magnetic Eyelashes (10-15mm)
• Boss Babe Magnetic Eyelashes (7-18mm)
• Magnetic Eyeliner 
• Lash Application Tweezers
• Cleansing Oil 

Remove your waterproof magnetic eyeliner with our oil-based cleansing oil. Please do not apply cleansing oil to the lashes themselves as this will damage them. 

You'll have all the styles and lengths you'll need to bring your eyelash dreams to life - The Lash Professional

Mieke magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner work together to create the magnetic bond that ensures your lashes remain in place all day (and night). Tiny magnets on the lash band adhere to the magnetic eyeliner, which contains iron ore particles, giving it its magnetic quality.