What are Magnetic Lashes?

What are Magnetic Lashes & what to look for when purchasing them?

Magnetic lashes are a cost-effective, easy to use alternative to glue on lashes and eyelash extensions applied at a salon.


A single strip lash with tiny magnets along the lash band is applied to the lash line using magnetic eyeliner, which contains iron ore particles giving it its magnetic quality.


The magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner work together to create the magnetic bond that ensures your lashes remain in place.

Easy Application

Easy three step application:


  1. Apply Mieke magnetic eyeliner to your lash line. 
  2. Allow a few minutes for the eyeliner to dry and become tacky.
  3. Apply magnetic lashes to the liner and adjust for the perfect fit!


To remove the lashes, gently pull them away from the eyeliner to break the magnetic bond. Remove the magnetic eyeliner from your eyes using our cleansing oil or your preferred oil-based makeup remover.


Magnetic lashes add length and volume to enhance your natural lashes without the expensive price tag that comes with lash extensions.

Reasons to Choose Magnetic Lashes

  • They look natural.
  • No ‘false’ lash effect. They have luxurious thickness, length and volume.
  • The choice is versatile for those looking to flaunt sophisticated looks.
  • They can be worn both day and night.
  • They be applied in seconds without any messy glue or sticky substances.
  • The ultra-light feel of magnetic lashes makes you almost forget they are even there.
  • No irritation or allergic reaction to the eyes as no glue is involved.
  • Safe for daily use.


      What to look for when purchasing Magnetic Lashes

      • Look for quality: Magnetic Lashes are reusable, but if they are not made from quality materials, they will not last as long as you expect them to.
      • They should be convenient, quick and easy to apply.
      • Be certain that a comfortable and natural fit can be guaranteed.
      • Only order from brands you can trust: if the company has customer reviews, these can be an objective way to judge whether their promises have met previous customer expectations.
      • A refund or returns policy should allow you to return lashes that have not been used as long as they are in their original packaging and sealed.
      • Brands that are cruelty free and vegan are a bonus.
      • All Magnetic Lashes should come with instructions: not only for how to use them, but for how to maintain and clean them too. It is important to follow these instructions in order to keep your lashes in the best condition possible.



        Mieke Lashes provides customers with all of the above, and more. We believe that our success lies in the quality of our relationships with our customers. You talk, we listen. You ask, we answer. We deliver on our promises. Full stop.


        We would like to thank MEL-Magnetic Eyelashes, based in Switzerland, for providing some of their insights into magnetic lashes, which contributed to this post.


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