How to Take Care of your Magnetic Lashes to Ensure they Last

How to Take Care of your Magnetic Lashes to Ensure they Last

We are all a bit guilty of slacking when it comes to cleaning our treasured beauty tools and accessories, but our magnetic lashes will last multiple wears if properly cared for, so here’s a quick overview on how to clean and take care of your lashes to ensure they last.


The number of wears you can get out of your lashes will depend on how well the lashes are cared for and how carefully they are handled. We encourage our customers to make use of our lash tweezers for gentle handling.


To remove residual, dried magnetic eyeliner stuck to the lash magnets, carefully scratch the liner off with your fingernail. Then, using a Q-tip (cotton bud) soaked in a water-based and oil-free makeup remover, clean the lashes by gently running it along the lash band. You can include the magnetic area. Avoid getting our cleansing oil (or any other oil-based remover) on the lashes themselves, as this will damage them.


Once you have removed the excess magnetic liner, ensure that you leave the lashes to dry before you apply them again.


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