Magnetic Eyeliner: Is it Safe to Use?

Magnetic Eyeliner: Is it Safe to Use?

Magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes have quickly become trendy alternatives to traditional false lashes that make use of adhesives. Instead of using glue, magnetic lashes have tiny magnets on the lash band, which ‘stick’ to your upper eyelids.


Naturally the safety of using this new lash alternative has been questioned. According to Healthline, although relatively new compared to glue-on lashes and traditional liners, magnetic eyeliner and lashes have been tested and analysed in multiple studies and are deemed safe to use.


It is important to note that just like with all cosmetics, you need to follow the instructions carefully and never share your magnetic lashes and liner with others.

When it comes to magnetic liner, you should replace the product every three months in order to avoid bacteria growth in the bottle.


Healthcare professionals consider magnetic lashes to be safer than adhesive lashes, but there is always a risk that a product applied to the sensitive eye area can be harmful. This means that you need to use the product correctly and follow the instructions, and stop using it if you develop an allergy and consult a doctor.


Source: Healthline- Last medically reviewed on 11th November 2020. Healthline delivers the latest news in health and wellness, with information verified by medical professionals.

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