Are Magnetic Eyelashes really worth the hype?

Are Magnetic Eyelashes

really worth the hype?

We all know false eyelashes can get messy, sticky and just outright tricky to deal with.


Let me introduce you to magnetic eyelashes. For those of you who find yourselves pulling out your natural eyelashes and finding glue residue on your lashes a day or two later, this is the next big thing for you!


Not only are magnetic eyelashes easier to manage, they are also reusable and won’t damage your natural eyelashes.

There are a number of different types of magnetic eyelashes - the ones we offer are among the easiest to apply because our Mieke Magnetic Eyelashes are applied with Mieke Magnetic Eyeliner. Our magnetic eyeliner contains iron ore particles, which gives it its magnetic quality. Tiny magnets on our eyelashes adhere to the magnetic eyeliner to create a super strong hold that will last all day and night. Plus, our magnetic eyeliner is as easy to remove as any other normal eyeliner, with our Mieke Cleansing Oil.

Are you new to magnetic eyelashes? Don’t be afraid, they are safe to use and we offer eyelash kits that include everything you need to maintain your beautiful eyelashes.


Source: Article published by Anna De Souza from in 2019.

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